Project Overview

The “Bell Building”, is located at 1603-1605 Central Avenue in downtown Cheyenne’s Historic District, and is centrally located at the City’s East Gateway. This is a historically significant building that is currently in a state of severe decay. Due to failed design elements that were added approximately forty years after its construction,the building is largely perceived as an “eye-sore”.
Some have suggested that the building should be demolished in order to eliminate such a discordant element situated directly beside the stately Grier building, across from the historic Plains Hotel, and kitty-corner from the Depot.

The proud history of this historic building demands more. Without a doubt, we can collectively do better. The Bell Building shouldn’t be in a condition that places it prominently on the Mayor’s “Fight the Blight” list, but it is. In fact, the closing page of her Fight the Blight slide deck shows the Building’s directory and asks; “Will this directory ever be filled again?”. This plan outlines Preserve Historic Wyoming’s (PHWs) approach to doing so. It is our assertion that historic buildings like the Bell, and the historic districts such as that in which the "it" is situated, are a very real and tangible symbol of Cheyenne and its residents’ interests.

The importance of historic preservation to our state’s unique identity, economic development, tourism, and community planning can not be  overstated we know that the real work of preservation happens on the local level. Preserve HIstoric Wyoming will be most effective working in partnership with individuals and entities on the local, state, and federal levels to encourage and facilitate preservation activities.

Working smart to make the most of existing resources will be a priority.  It is the intent of the staff of the  Preserve Historic Wyoming  to continue to provide the highest level of service to ensure that Cheyenne's unique historic fabric and authentic character  remains  intact for future generations.

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