The 1605 Building

The 1605 project involves and centers around the restoration of the Building "The Bell Building", which is a Historic building across The Plains Hotel Historic Landmark. in Cheyenne Wyoming.


The project has several components which may be executed in a sequenced/phased schedule:

Guiding Plan

  1. Rehabilitation and external Restoration of "The 1605 Building".

  2. Hazardous materials Abatement 

  3. Modifications to provide a drive in and parking area below "The 1605 Building"

  4.  All new mechanical systems.

  5. buildout "Smart Home living spaces" 


The 1605 project has several important goals, among them are:

  1. To contribute materially to the beauty and historic character of Cheyenne downtown.

  2. To address life-safety and building code issues

  3. To invest in existing building needs 

  4. To improve safety and security for building occupants and visitors

  5. To improve heating, cooling and ventilation systems and energy efficiency

  6. To improve parking and site amenities

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